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Expert Panel

This part of the study is based on the observations and opinions of experts involved in the commercialisation of non timber forest products in the Amazon. Consists, firstly, of surveying the professionals and people involved in the area, by means of consultations with research organisations, companies, governmental and civil society organisations which are involved in the production, commercialisation or monitoring of non timber forest products in the Brazilian Amazon. After this survey, the professionals are contacted and asked to contribute with detailed information regarding their area of expertise and experience, information that serves to select a sample of people to participate in sub-projects focusing specific topics. These studies are in general developed by means of the Delphi technique, which consists in presenting successive rounds of questionnaires to the participants who are kept anonymous. At each round, responses are systematised by the researchers and presented to the participants, who can agree or disagree with the opinions of the majority. All the results are shared with participants during the research process.

If you have experience or are involved in any case of non timber forest products commercialisation in the Brazilian Amazon, and you are interested in participating in the survey, please send a message to parcerias.florestais@gmail.com.

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